2020– A Year of Minimalism

2020– A year of rethinking eccentricities, a year of minimalism.
A year of focusing on the essentials. The bare necessities. A year of simplicity.

A year of being physically distanced but emotionally bound.
In some instances, being physically close, but secretly far-apart.

A year of profound change, a year of chirping birds and blossoming flowers.
A year of rediscovering the joy and beauty in little things. Of finding graffitis and constellations in the sky.

Of coming together as a community to strengthen one and all.
A year of lessons learnt fast and humbling truths.

2020– A year of quick realisations and slow ballads.
A year we glimpsed afresh the marvels of nature and fell in love with them all over again.

A year when the time was no longer a luxury.
A year when attention, not currency was what took precedence.

A year of stark contrasts and sharp pain. The elderly in the developed world died alone.
While the masses in the underdeveloped world struggled to find 3-feet of the distance between themselves and their dear

A year of revived family traditions, of home-cooked meals, of quiet yet heartfelt festivities.
Of tested resilience, and failed egos.

A year of gratitude, calm and contentment, of finding romance internally.
Journeying into the far & wide reaches of our own inner universes.

A year of showering love in gestures big and small.
2020- A year of discovering where our hearts truly belong.

Written for CoCoGram by Prerna Gupta (Cofounder, ConsciousCo)

The content herein belongs solely to the original author of the post and does not necessarily represent the
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