Design the Perfect Instagram-Worthy Nursery

Design the Perfect Instagram-Worthy Nursery

Planning a nursery for a tiny human may seem daunting as the decisions that come along with it are endless. The
barrage of options available today can make one’s head spin in confusion. A well-designed nursery can go a long
way in making life easier for new parents.
While this may be overwhelming, here are a few points that can help one achieve the Instagram-worthy Nursery
which is also practical.

  1. Layout & Essentials
    First and foremost, decide on the layout of the room. Space, space, space should be the mantra. Aim at maximising
    the floor space so that the baby has more room to explore. The essentials for a nursery include a cot or a bed, a
    changing table, wardrobes/cabinets. A rocking chair in a corner is a wonderful addition to the nursery especially
    during a long night with the baby.
  2. Style
    When designing a nursery, it is easy to get caught up with all the cute adorable baby stuff, but the truth is you won’t
    need it for long. I generally encourage my clients to spend on Window treatments, Cabinet & Door finishes,
    Flooring and Lighting are fixed elements. These should be kept simple and classic. The design and space
    should grow with your baby, there should be an element of timelessness to it. The cabinets, window treatments
    should be such that they don’t require any change, you don’t want to redo the entire space in a matter of years.
  3. Colour
    The colour of the room sets the entire mood for the space. Soft pastels work very well while creating a soothing
    environment for the baby. Whether your baby’s sex is going to be a surprise, or you just don’t want a traditional
    feminine or masculine design, soft Greys, powder Blue, Yellows & Greens and even Black and Whitework very
    well for a gender-neutral nursery.
    Designing for a baby girl, Pink can be an obvious choice. Don’t shy away from using pink, it is the way you
    incorporate the colour that matters. The use of soft blush pinks with greys or powder blue looks beautiful. Lavender is
    another popular colour for a baby girl nursery.
    The space can be made interesting by adding some patterns like stripes, florals on upholstery, wallpapers, etc. I love
    using wallpapers in a nursery, especially on a ceiling. Again, my advice would be to show restraint – don’t
  4. Theme & Accessories
    When deciding on the look of the nursery, I would suggest that you steer away from being too thematic and
    colourful. A bedspread, rug or lamp can add that element of theme and that pop of colour to the nursery. Go for
    baby elements in small doses and something that can be easily changed. Eventually, there are innumerable toys &
    accessories that come in, which ends up cluttering the space. Remember, “Less is more”.
  5. Additional points to consider
    As important as aesthetics are, the space should be functional and also assist in the cognitive development of the child.
    Open floor space should be maximized for the children to move around and play. Plan for some open storage at a
    the low level which can be accessed by the kids for their toys, books etc.
    With these basics pointers in mind, make sure to incorporate your personal style into the nursery design. You will be
    spending nearly as much time in the nursery as your baby will. This space should be a happy one for both you and
    the baby.
    Written exclusively for CoCoGram By Vasudha C Jalan, Mother to two & Interior Designer @ VCJ Designs

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