Introducing CoCoGram

Introducing CoCoGram

Namaste! Welcome to CocoGram – The Thought Exchange by ConsciousCo. CoCoGram is an exclusive blog that will cover experiential and mindful content in areas such as Parenting, Nutrition & Fitness, Home, Lifestyle and Traditional Wisdom with the aim of promoting Conscious Living. These are topics and practices that have touched our hearts and promise to be a positive and enjoyable read for you too.

ConsciousCo is all about stories. Each ConsciousCo product/ Box has a tale behind its curation, craftsmanship and design. Continuing with the same belief and reiterating the power of powerful narratives, in case you have any stories/experiences or ideas that you wish to share with the community, please do email them to us at and our Editorial Team will be happy to explore it for a blog release.

So let’s share our experiences, joys and thoughts with one another as Our Fingerprints Don’t Fade Away from the Lives We Touch.

Stay tuned as we release our first blog shortly!

The Editorial Team at ConsciousCo

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