ProTips on Creating Stunning Pictures

ProTips on Creating Stunning Pictures During Events

Being in London, I get a chance to photograph lovely events and have covered so many baby showers, and
birthdays! Here is a list of some tips for taking photos at your event. Take time to understand your surroundings,
the people there and what is around you!

Natural light: I can’t express how important this is. If it’s coming from a window above like a skylight it is
even better! Natural light gives you bright and airy photos. It gives you the correct white balance, and if
you’re someone like me who thrives off natural light when taking photos, you will really love the end result!

Whites and pastels: I love pastel colours and plain backgrounds when taking photos. This allows you to focus
on the subject and really get some beautiful light and airy photos, by keeping it nice and simple. Also when
you come to edit your photos you’ll really appreciate that you’ve gone with pastel colours. Bold bright
colours can be distracting and bold patterns can be too much when it comes to taking photos of either the
table layout or guests! I actually have a styling guide for all of my clients which restricts bright colours such
as Black, bright pink and patterns that are too strong on the eye- so important to have styling tips for clients
when taking photos professionally in particular when you’re doing family sessions which I do a lot of!

Editing Photos: I strongly recommend you download Lightroom for post-editing. As a photographer I have
LR both on my laptop and phone. You can manually edit your images in LR or you can download presets
online for your laptop and phone to be used in Lightroom. My favourite set of presets are by Mastin Labs, I
love their Ektar, Portra and Fuji preset. Presets are pre-configured settings you can apply to your photos with
just one click and requires minimal or no adjustments.

Know when to use flash: I tend not to use flash much and work a lot with natural light, but if you really have
to then invest in a DSLR and an off-camera flash. You will see a big difference between the photos taken with
an off-camera flash and the built-in flash, built-in flash tends to be a lot harsher on your subject. Also invest in
a softbox for your flash to avoid creating that shiny, caught in headlights look. This is simply a cover that
goes on top of the flash that you can purchase online or in-camera stores!

Catching the moment: Catching great moments is what makes photos memorable. You will need to be on the
lookout and aware of what’s going on around you so you don’t miss the shot. Whether it’s the cake being cut
or two guests having a laugh or even someone having a giggle!

Written for CoCoGram by London-based Event Photographer Rabia Khan. For inspiration and examples visit: or write to: [email protected]

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