What Makes Us “Conscious” Co

What Makes Us “Conscious” Co

What Makes Us “Conscious” Co on CoCoGram, The Thought Exchange

One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” – these historic words of Neil Armstrong are a source of
profound inspiration to us at ConsciousCo. We strongly believe that mindfulness and a conscious thought process
behind how we do things can positively impact the larger picture. At ConsciousCo we have practices that make us
feel proud and feel right about what we do. When you buy a ConsciousCo product or choose us as your gifting
partner, you indirectly help us propagate these ideologies:

  1. Make in India– All products (by that we really mean ALL) are made with joy and pride in India.
  2. Promote Small Businesses & Indian Heritage– A vast majority of our vendors fall in this category. As
    someone rightly said, when you buy from a small business, you are not helping the CEO of an MNC buy
    their 2nd Holiday Home, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy his toys, Mums & Dads
    serve food on the table. Shop & promote local businesses. Small humble Businesses.
  3. Wonder Women – Our company is founded by women, for women and of the women. 80% of our
    employees are women. Majority of our vendors are also women. We love to work with homegrown women
    entrepreneurs in all age groups with diverse backgrounds, expertise and experiences.
  4. Recycle & Reuse– All ConsciousCo boxes are crafted with aesthetics to encourage reuse. When we design
    boxes for special occasions such as weddings or birth announcements, we always encourage people not to put
    their family names or event details permanently on the box which discourages people to reuse these in their
    homes as keepsake boxes. 90% of our packaging is also recyclable and environment friendly. To the extent
    possible, we avoid the use of single-use plastics and other nasties.
  5. Be Kind – Our CSR initiative where we propagate a lot of charity initiatives such as distribution of
    clothes/toys to the underprivileged, planting trees, distribution of food bags, distribution of woolens in winters
    and much more. Here again, our guiding philosophy is “The nakedness of the indignant world may be clothed
    from the trimmings of the vain”
    (Oliver Goldsmith).
    So next time you gift a ConsciousCo Box, do remember that you have also supported the above causes which are a part of our organisation’s fabric. Thank you for believing in us, supporting us and helping us grow.
    Stay Conscious,
    The Editorial Team, CoCoGram
    The Thought Exchange by ConsciousCo

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