Zits to Zap in no time

From Zits to Zap in no time

We all have our own skin battles. Some of us are blessed with porcelain-like skin and others with a white head waiting to turn into a glowing bulb with the next pakora you eat. I am not amongst ‘The Blessed’, obviously. While my sisters enjoyed a crispy glass of wine (with a side of cheese, because c’mon); I was always worried about the pimples lurking behind the curtain, for the grand reveal. The way our skin looks dictates our moods more than we’d like to accept. A big ballooning zit has many a time kept me from going out or enjoying every food group on the dinner table for the fear of feeding the monsters residing on my face at the time.
Having tried all elixirs prescribed by skin gurus, and spending all my piggy bank money on vilayat-made, glossy looking soaps and tubes (because it’s American, it must be wow), I realized that I would have to come up with a tailored game plan. And believe me when I say, what goes inside reflects on the outside (cue for deeper spiritual meaning), is not just a story! I am not going to take complete credit for what’s to follow because no, I did not come up with it. I am only writing what’s worked for me, so here goes nothing…

My three-step approach to success: track intake, terminate evil and taste some goodness.

First and foremostA Food Journal to track your intake.

It works wonders! Go old school and start writing down everything you eat in a diary. Sounds tedious, I know. But this will help us track what ingredients go into making the pizza face.

Franz Kafka, a literary genius, once said: “In the diary, you find proof that in situations which today would seem unbearable, you lived, looked around and wrote down observations, that this right hand moved then as it does today”. After a week or two of eye-opening food journalism, you will not only realize a trend in your unhealthy eating habits but also the quantum of it. Moreover, you can reflect on your journey and pat yourself on the back once you are on the other side.

Second, terminate bad foods.

Start with eliminating the big C’s – Crisps, Cookies, Cakes, Chocolates, and Cream of the icy kind. 

Basically, things you consider yummy but come with a big dose of guilt. You might experience the early onset of the Crazy but hang in there, life will get better when the skin looks better. That’s for week 3.

Week 5 onwards, we will remove another major food group from our diet so that we can isolate the problem (yes, it works differently for every person). Start with the D’s –Doodh, Dahi and other Dairy products. While some of our Indian Dadi’s and Dad’s believe that we cannot survive without milk products, let me burst their bubble – we can. We don’t need animal milk for our nourishment. It’s full of their hormones and we have enough of our own.

Week 7. If you don’t see any change in your skin, you can reintroduce D’s (lol) in your diet but remove all P’s – Parantha, Pizza and Pasta, (P-urgers too). They have low nutritious value and more empty calories. Try that for 2 weeks and see if your skin improves. All the while, maintaining the food journal, noting down what you eat every day and the look and feel of the bumps along the facial road.

This will help you track which of the three major food groups – Candy, Dairy or Processed flour most affects your skin negatively. For some (including me), it may be all three and you’re not going to be a happy bunny but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Third, taste ‘em antioxidants.

While we stop gorging on our favourite foods, we also need to consume foods that help in skin repair and regeneration. For that, we have this miraculous substance called – Antioxidants.

A glass of Beetroot juice gives you the morning glow like no other. I throw in some celery, cucumber and Indian gooseberry for good measure. Hell, go crazy and add some carrots too. This magic potion is prescribed by the skin fairies themselves (no joke!). It replenished my skin in just a few weeks. Other foods rich in antioxidants are green leafy vegetables, all berries, beans and if you have a sugar craving – Dark chocolate to satiate that sweet tooth (I mean 70% and above, dark milk doesn’t make the cut). Just like a car struggling to start needs a little push, the skin does too. Add a skin supplement to your diet. The ‘Advanced Nutrition Skin Accumax’ is absolute witchcraft. I went from a zit to zap in just three months.

On a side note, Alcohol also causes skin inflammation and dehydration. But trying to give up all things delicious at once, is being a tad bit ambitious. So, let’s start with avoiding wine and sugary drinks. Who knows ‘The Skinny Bitch’ (vodka, water, and lime) may become your staple?

There we go, now wasn’t that easy (scoffs!). Trust me, it will definitely be worth it when cake-face will be a thing of your past and you’re rocking that naked skin, on a night out, under the blaring lights, dancing to your favourite tunes.

Oh wait, almost forgot – Do test for nut, dairy, and wheat allergies. Ta!

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